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After being referred by a business relation and doing some research on the topic of online investing, I decided that I could trust Bionicson and deposited USD 20 000 by bitcoin. Though the Thailand is still a strong economic country, we do have our share of problems. A lot of individuals and especially small business owners (like myself) are struggling for sure to keep the head above the water. So, scraping USD 20 000 together and hand it over to Bionicson was quite something. But my goals were clear… I did set compounding to 80%, not going for quick withdrawals, to reach one of that goals: let my investment grow to such an amount that I can help my brother and sister in law. They are fighting bankruptcy for 3 years now. With their small painting business they encountered not only less clients but also a lot of non-paying clients, caused by the bad housing market and economy here. I'm looking forward for the investment to reach maturity in June to help them out with their mortgage so that they can keep their house. Besides that, I did some withdrawals till now to have some additional income myself. So I can let my brother and sister in law have a well deserved holiday after more than 40 years of hard work and these last painful 3 years. Investing with Bionicsonis great: good ROI, quick money handling, outstanding customer support!


Todo comenza una tarde de llovizna. Pensando en como logro ver mas alla de como ven los demas. Y Tener la capacidad de realizarlo. Entonces fue cuando estaba buscando sobre inversiones y llego mi hijo que es representante de Bionicson y me una cuenta y deposite un pequeno monto, porque era lo que tenia. me comunique con ellos y enseguida tube respuesta. eso me dio mas tranquilidad. y desde ahi comence a estudiar mas sobre Bionicson y hoy puedo decir que es una puerta que se abrio y espero siga funcionando por mucho tiempo. GRACIAS. y vamos por mas...


I am Pat Bhalakula from Bangkok, Thailand. I will never forget that golden day when I decide to join Bionicson with USD 1000/- I believe that Bionicson is a different and legitimate company and providing great opportunity of investment to its affiliates. The instant and fast withdrawal procedure is amazing. It is playing a major role in maintaining true and strong value of confidence among the investors. I hope this trust will be a long lasting and a destiny towards my success.


Bionicson Works every time like clock work... Got another withdrawal into my bitcoin wallet from Bionicson. Long live Bionicson and benefit all its members!


I'm very sorry he did not get involved earlier Thank you very much for the exact payment. I wish you success and the business to be successful for many years. Best regards Happy user Canani9


I did my first withdraw and everything went just fine Now I have confidence to keep investing because the system is working perfectly. I'm now preparing my second deposit, 10 times bigger than the first one. Thanks Bionicson! Let's make history together!


My success story with Bionicson: A former college informed me about World Franchise Pro and showed me the profits he made with Bionicson. I started in June investing with Bionicson. I started my account, I made my deposit and saw how the interest was added every day. I saw huge opportunities for a future were I could be financialy independend. Then I made some other deposits with different intentions. One for my own, and one for my sister who is involved in a nasty divorce. Her husband kicked her out of the house and spent all of their savings. Now she lives in a small appartement and has to travel a great distance to her work. The salary of her job isn't enough to pay al the bills, the rent, the gasoline for the car etc etc. Thanks to Bionicson, I provide her some extra income to live her life as comfortable as possible at the moment. The first intention of my own deposit was to have some backup in income. I am a entrepeneur and my income depends on clients who need a morgage. At the moment there are few clients who need a mortgage :-( So I use the profit of Bionicson to complete my income when necessary. Unfortunately I broke my ankle and I won't be able to work for at least three months, maybe more. So I set my deposit on 100% profit and Bionicson provides me the income I need to pay the bills, the mortgage, etc. Bionicson couldn't have come on a better moment in my life and helps me and my sister through these difficult times. When everything is "back to normal" I will set the deposit on coumpounding again. Luiza


Pays my btc.I got the money. the order of 15th payment is in my account - thank you BIONICSON!!!*CONGRATULATIONS DEAR! YOUR 30.00 PAYMENT WAS DELIVERED TO YOU SUCCESSFULLY!* T h a n k y o u !!!! SUPER!!!


Go Bionicson!! Another payment of $150. Making this much everyday pays better than having a regular job.


payout time again! Just received another payout to my wallet. Bionicson is delivering as usual! Invest with Bionicson is sitting on a GOLD MINE !!! Thanks Bionicson !!!

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