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BIONICSON NEWS. Company Bionicson has signed an investment insurance contract with a leading insurance company.

As we grow as a company we have more and more investors, but we have an ever-increasing need for more capital as well.
Partnering with Bionicson allows us to chase bigger deals and do more business. Bionicson helps us scale to larger and more productive deals that we weren’t able to do before.”
Bionicson Platform is getting stronger. Much Stronger. Constantly growing.
We did work hard, carefully implementing many of your suggestions and highly requested features.
Bionicson - is large dividends and high interest rates!

Company Bionicson has signed an investment insurance contract with a leading insurance company.Our assets contribute to your profits. We combine our extensive network and experience with the collective purchasing
power of our investor community to acquire high-quality assets - from debt to capital, from commercial to residential, etc.
and involves individuals in investment activities via worldwide network. Numerous investments from individuals and legal entities that are accepted directly through our official website.

Significant investments bring large dividends and high interest rates for all our partners and investors.

One of the main priorities for Bionicson is the full protection of our clients' investments.

The company professionals have developed a comprehensive risk minimization strategy, including investor deposit insurance.

We are pleased to announce that in order to protect the financial interests of our investors and to increase the security of deposits,
Bionicson has entered into an agreement with a leading insurance company in the amount of $150,000,000.

From now on, the security of our investors' deposits is guaranteed by a leading insurance company. You can be sure,
your funds invested in our project will be reimbursed based on the insurance amount stipulated by the contract.

Bionicson - is large dividends and high interest rates. Do invest with Bionicson and get high profits without any risks!

Expect very interesting improvements & platform updates very soon.
Those will be focused mainly on the:
User Experience (platform’s light-mode interface, expanded profile’s support section, mobile version updates, new languages with content improvements)
Company’s image & trust (detailed photoshoots, CEO webinars, team interviews and detailed business processes explanations).

Gratefully yours,
Bionicson Corp.

People wanted to find an alternative that they could use and trust to transact, store wealth and evade government intervention. They found Bitcoin.
However, people in developing nations now have a chance to skip the current banking infrastructure we have in place and move straight towards a trust, decentralised and immutable financial system. The world has announced their aggressive plans to become a single digital community and Bitcoin will play a major part in that.

It has been widely speculated that many contries is about to legitimise Bitcoin. The meteoric rise of Bitcoin has not gone unnoticed by many countries.

As you may know, banking systems are pretty rigid, and you will be asked to provide a lot of your data when you try to make a transaction. At the same time, you need to prepare yourself since you will need to wait for that transaction to pass. This could try for up to a couple of days in some cases. This is a thing that annoys most of the people you will ask about it. Maybe it’s not as a common topic since we got used to it, kind of.

When it comes to cryptos, you will see that they are flexible as they can be. This means that you will not need to provide all of this information when you want to make a transaction. You can complete this with the utmost anonymity. You don’t need to provide any info, besides the address where you are sending your cryptos. Also, the transactions you make are not going to take too much of your time.

Now you can invest the way the most successful institutions do.
Institutional investors have consistently outperformed public markets over the last 20 years by investing in alternative assets like private market real estate. Bionicson democratizes access to this once-unattainable asset class, making it possible for anyone to become a real estate investor regardless of income or net worth.

Our team scrutinizes every project for you to ensure strong financial standing, reputable management and rock-solid plans.

More than a hundred decisive investors every single day choose Bionicson as their capital management instrument.

We’ve received so much positive feedback from you and we are so glad to work with such a supportive audience. Many thanks for your truthful reviews.

Stay focused on your financial success with Bionicson!
Bionicson Real Estate Investing for everyone

Real estate investment performance

“We take pride in delivering strong returns for clients by successfully executing forward-thinking strategies. Making real estate investing radically accessible, cost-effective and simple.”
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